Cookies Policy

At Sugar Rush, we strive to enhance your online experience, and cookies play a crucial role in achieving this goal. Our cookie policy aims to provide you with a clear understanding of what cookies are, how they are utilized on our platform, and the various types employed to tailor your browsing experience.

Understanding Cookies:

Cookies are small text files that websites send to your device when you visit them. These files are integral to the functioning of websites, helping them operate efficiently and providing valuable information to website owners.

How We Use Cookies:

We employ cookies for multiple purposes, including:

  1. Preference Retention: Cookies help us remember your preferences, ensuring a personalized browsing experience tailored to your needs.
  2. Performance Analysis: By analyzing how you navigate our site, cookies enable us to gauge its performance and make necessary improvements.
  3. Interactive Support: Cookies support interactive features such as comments and feedback, fostering engagement and interaction among our users.
  4. Security Enhancement: We utilize cookies to uphold the security and integrity of our platform, safeguarding your data and ensuring a safe browsing environment.

Types of Cookies Used:

  1. Essential Cookies: These cookies are indispensable for the core functionality of our website and cannot be disabled. They are activated in response to specific user actions, such as logging in or submitting forms.
  2. Analytical Cookies: These cookies allow us to track visitor traffic and behavior, helping us identify popular pages and enhance overall user experience.
  3. Functional Cookies: Our platform utilizes functional cookies to deliver advanced features and customization options, enriching your browsing journey.
  4. Advertising Cookies: Sugar Rush partners with advertising networks to display targeted ads based on your interests. These cookies assist in creating personalized ad campaigns and optimizing your advertising experience.

Cookie Management:

You have the flexibility to manage or decline cookies through your browser settings. However, please note that disabling certain types of cookies may impact the functionality of our website and limit the services we can provide.

Changes to the Cookie Policy:

Our cookie policy may undergo periodic updates to reflect changes in technology or legal requirements. Any revisions will be promptly communicated on this page.

Contact Us:

Should you have any inquiries regarding our cookie policy or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your satisfaction and privacy are of utmost importance to us at Sugar Rush.